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The Office Furniture Industry

The office furniture industry is a fast growing business. Office furniture is a necessary accessory for any office. These types of furniture are designed for comfort and function. They are typically used in the offices of larger businesses. However, they can also be used in offices at home or at other locations.

The office furniture market in the United States has been around for about sixteen years. In 2006, this industry produced about $10 billion in sales. Its growth is closely tied to the general economy. Some of the leading companies that manufacture office furniture include Herman Miller, HNI Corp., Knoll, and Steelcase. All of these companies have a strong track record of quality.

Originally a manufacturer of residential furniture, Herman Miller expanded into the office furniture business in the 1950s. By the 1970s, the company was making more ergonomically friendly furniture for offices. This 퍼시스 – company hired industrial designers to develop new concepts for its products.

In the early twentieth century, Michigan was a major source of lumber. During World War II, many manufacturers of furniture for offices shifted to using metal. Metal was considered a safer alternative to wood, and it was less expensive. Moreover, telecommuting provided a convenient option for employees who had to work from home.

During the late 1990s and early 2000s, environmental concerns played an important role in the office furniture industry. This was because of concern over emissions from the chemical waste involved in the manufacturing process. Also, the rise of telecommuting opened the door for manufacturers to provide new options for office furniture.

Other factors that contribute to the growth of the office furniture industry in the United States include globalization and the general economic climate. For instance, the recession from 1991 to 1992 negatively affected the demand for office furniture. But by the end of the decade, the industry grew at a healthy rate, thanks in large part to the government’s Federal Prison Industries program. Through the FPI program, prison workers were able to produce the materials needed for office furnishings.

Although the office furniture market has seen steady growth, the recent decline in the domestic market has slowed down the overall growth of this industry. Imports and exports, however, have increased. In 2006, imports to the U.S. totaled $30.8 billion, while exports to the U.S. exceeded this figure by eight times.

Besides their high-quality products, the top office furniture brands are also known for their innovative designs. Their designers have won awards for their work, and their artists have been featured in museums and cultural institutions.

Founded in New York City in 1938, Knoll raised the bar for office design with futuristic pieces. Abel Sorenson, Emanu Noguchi, and Carl Magnusson all helped Knoll make a name for itself. After the company moved to western Michigan in the mid-1970s, it became the home of several important American companies, including Herman Miller, Inc., Haworth, Inc., and Steelcase, Inc.

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