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We Buy Land in Nebraska and the Surrounding Areas

If you have land in Nebraska that you no longer want, or are tired of paying taxes for a property you don’t use, selling your vacant land can seem daunting. It can take months or even years to sell your property by owner, and there are commissions, extra HOA fees, and realtor fees to pay. In addition, if you are in a bad financial situation or have unexpected expenses, it can be hard to find the cash you need.

That’s where we come in. We buy land in Nebraska and surrounding states, and offer fast and simple sales that eliminate the hassles of traditional real estate transactions. Our local, expert team of land buyers can give you the best possible price for your land, and close quickly. Unlike retail buyers, who may require inspections, appraisals, and more time, we purchase land in its raw form. This saves you money and allows us to provide better terms for the seller.

We buy all types of land, including farmland, ranches, hunting land, and more. In our years of buying land, we have helped hundreds of people just like you. You might have lost your job, inherited a large piece of property you don’t need or just want to get rid of, or have other reasons for wanting to sell your land fast. We also help people who have inherited property that isn’t what they expected, or are living too far away from their land to enjoy it, or simply don’t plan to follow through on their original retirement plans.

For as long as there has been Nebraska farmland for sale, land barons have been scooping it up. But many of the buyers putting in the most cash don’t themselves plant soybeans, brand cattle or harvest corn. They’re real estate developers, investors and foreign companies.

In the past five years, out-of-state individuals or companies made up a third of the top 100 buyers who spent the most on land in open-market sales, an analysis by Flatwater Free Press found. The top 10 spent an average of more than $32.9 million per transaction, based on sales records obtained through public-records requests to the state Department of Revenue by a Flatwater Free Press journalism class.

While the buyers purchasing most of the farmland have their own motives, the trend is troubling to some in the farming community. They don’t live in the communities where they are spending their money, and often buy the land through limited liability companies that obscure their identity.

These absentee owners, some of whom are based out of the country, are taking over many of the state’s most valuable agricultural lands, a trend that could eventually undermine local food security. In some cases, the land is being used for purposes other than what it was originally zoned for, such as a corporate hog operation in eastern Nebraska or data centers owned by tech companies like Facebook and Google. The trend is also remaking the way farmers work.

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