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SMP Servers For Minecraft Bedrock and Java Edition

SMP stands for Survival Multiplayer, a core facet of Minecraft that has been present since the game’s launch. Public SMP servers offer players a wide variety of gameplay experiences, from factions and dungeons to parkour and community events. These servers Minecraft SMP Servers can be found through various search engines or by clicking “add server” in the multiplayer menu and entering a unique address. While many players host their own private servers, this article will share a selection of the best SMP servers to join in Bedrock and Java Edition.

The Dream SMP Server is an online roleplaying space within Minecraft that has become particularly popular over the past year. It features a fan-made map and a wealth of dedicated lore and rules. It has been home to numerous high-profile content creators including the streamers TommyInnit and Wilbur Soot, who have both battled on-screen as characters on the world.

SMP servers generally feature all of the standard survival mode mechanics of the game, with players gathering food, building shelter and fending off dangerous mobs at night. They can also travel between dimensions, build bases and explore other areas of the server. Players can also form guilds, clans and factions to protect their land, treasure and property from enemies. These servers can be a great place to meet new people and create a sense of community in the game.

Many SMP servers allow players to engage in PvP combat, with a variety of rules and limitations set in place by the server owners. For example, some servers may only allow PvP in designated PvE zones and not the wilderness, while others require players to be logged in and at least level 20 before they can fight other members of their faction. Some SMP servers even provide a ranked system for players to compete in PvP and earn rewards.

Some SMP servers focus on the community aspects of the game, with special server markets, unique perks and features, a player-driven economy and other engaging activities for players to enjoy. For instance, Blaze Gaming’s server features a Jurassic theme and provides a relaxing SMP experience that is available for both Bedrock and Java Edition.

Peaceful SMP servers have PvP disabled, allowing players to focus on the community aspects of the game and not worry about griefing or toxicity from other players. Players are still expected to follow the rules of civility and do not attack other players or their base, and some servers also feature anti-griefing plugins. This type of server can be a good way to learn the ropes in the game before joining a more aggressive PvP server. Players can connect to a peaceful SMP server by opening the multiplayer menu and selecting the option to add a server. They can then enter the address of the desired server into the list and double-click it to begin playing. They can also find lists of public SMP servers by searching for them on Google or Bing.

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