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Preparing For Moving & Storage

Many residential relocation customers use storage during their move. Whether you need to pack your belongings up ahead of schedule or are unable to sell your current home before moving, getting storage services is a great way to reduce the stress and cost of your relocation. Storage can also be a valuable tool if you are relocating to a smaller space that doesn’t accommodate all your furnishings or if you’re waiting on your new home to be ready.

When considering the option of storing your belongings, it’s important to take into account the size of the unit you’ll need, the types of items you’re going to store and how long you’re planning on keeping your belongings in storage. Fortunately, there are a variety of sizes to choose from so that you can find the perfect fit for your needs. You’ll also want to consider any ancillary services that might be included with the storage option you select, such as packing, storage in transit or climate control.

You’ll also want to know how much your storage will cost so that you can budget for it. Many movers offer competitive rates for their storage, with prices based on the inventory details you provide. If you’re looking for extra insurance coverage beyond basic liability, check with your mover to see if they offer it as part of their storage services.

One of the best things you can do to prepare for your move this side up moving & storage of huntsville is to declutter and get rid of things that you don’t need. This will help to reduce the volume of things that you’re storing and will make it easier for you to get the most out of your storage space.

Another good thing you can do is to begin preparing your “day of” box, which contains all the things you’ll need right up until and immediately upon moving day. This will include things like toilet paper, cleaning supplies, a change of clothes and cutlery items. Be sure to clearly label this box so that it doesn’t get packed by mistake or lost in the move.

It’s always a good idea to speak with a customer service representative or a member of the sales team before signing any contracts or making any payments for moving and storage services. This will allow you to ask any questions and address any concerns that may arise. It’s also a good idea to request references and read online reviews before selecting a company for your move.

When you’re relocating to a new state, it can be overwhelming trying to figure out how to pack and transport all your belongings. Choosing a residential moving company that offers moving and storage services will ensure that your belongings are well taken care of and that you have access to the best value. They’ll be able to advise you on the type and size of storage you need and can even help you with a pre-move cleanup and staging process that will increase the likelihood of a quick sale and smooth relocation for your family.

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