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IPQualityScore Email Verification API

IPQualityScore (IPQS) provides an email verification API that allows businesses to validate and score emails in real time. This helps prevent fraudulent activity by detecting abusive users and bots and preventing spam messages. In addition to validating and scoring emails, IPQS can also detect disposable email services, honeypots, and fake accounts.

With the IPQS Email Verification API, businesses can verify the validity of an email address, including its domain configuration, syntax, and age. The service can validate email addresses across multiple mail service providers. It can also verify email addresses that are not publicly allowed to be verified.

IPQS offers a free email verifier tool, which is able to perform reverse email lookups and identifies invalid user data. In addition to identifying fake accounts, the IPQS product can also improve email deliverability and identify high risk behavior.

IPQS uses an advanced risk scoring system to determine a fraud score. If an email’s fraud score is 75 or higher, the sender is likely engaging in a high risk or suspicious behavior. When an email’s fraud score is low, the IPQualityScore email verification API email is most likely engaged in legitimate, but low-risk, behavior. On the other hand, if the fraud score is medium or above, there is a good chance the email is engaged in high-risk or suspicious behavior.

IPQS also monitors dark web leaks and compromises in order to identify email addresses that may be involved in malicious behavior. In addition, the company provides detailed reports of abusive behaviors in order to prevent future fraud. IPQS has direct relationships with mail service providers, so its data collection can provide a variety of insights that help businesses prevent fraudulent transactions.

IPQS also offers a Fraud Detection API, which uses a suite of APIs to analyze risk, detect abuse, and block bad requests in real time. As a result, IPQS can effectively stop fraud by monitoring the actions of the user, evaluating the quality of the user’s website, and determining the likelihood of a blacklist. These insights can help companies prevent fraudulent transactions and increase the value of their user base.

The IPQS Email Validation API can check every email address in a site’s database. It can even perform a reverse email lookup and identify disposable email services. This ensures that all email addresses are validated and accounted for, which decreases the likelihood of invalid users registering or making fraudulent purchases online. Also, the IPQS service can check whether an email address is invalid or has been recently leaked from a data breach.

IPQS offers custom pricing models. Businesses can choose from a standard monthly plan or pay on a per-usage basis. Customers are encouraged to contact IPQS for assistance with setup and other questions. Typical verification times are a few minutes. After the verification process is complete, IPQS can send a report containing over 15 data points.

The IPQS Email Verification service has an extensive Email Reputation database that tracks domains with malicious and disposable emails, as well as temporary and disposable mail services. IPQS maintains an updated list of disposable email blacklists, which help businesses increase the value of their potential leads.

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