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Cairns Photographer

Antony Cairns works across photography, installation and sculpture to explore the prehistory of the digital age. His work has been exhibited internationally, in Europe, the United States and Japan. His oeuvre includes several series of interventions within, and interpretations of, the photographic process of collotype LA-LV (2016). He has also printed his works directly onto vintage Cobol coding forms, IBM decision tables and computer punch cards (pieces of stiff paper with holes that can be punched), visually embedding them into an antiquated digital language.

His large body of work titled CTY, an abbreviation of city, has been created in cities such as London, Las Vegas and Tokyo using 35mm black and white film transparencies that he reversal develops into positives. These images depict urban structures that are either in the midst of construction or remain little more than the skeletal remains of previous architectural styles.

The coastline surrounding Tropical North Queensland is a landscape photographers dreamscape. From the quaint coastal town of Port Douglas to the lush rainforest dotted hinterland, there are countless scenic vantage points that offer up epic coastal scenery and plenty of photo opportunities. To make the most of your time in the region consider making a road trip with your camera and stopping off at some of these picturesque spots along the way.

From the crashing waves at Pebbly Beach to the rockpools at Nudey Beach, Fitzroy Island offers plenty of opportunities to capture stunning seascapes. Whether you visit the island for sunrise or sunset the scenery here will take your breath away. For an extra special experience be sure to book in a hot air balloon ride with Hot Air Balloon Cairns. The sunrise views from up in the air are simply breathtaking and you can even pair it with breakfast on the beach.

Aside from the pristine coral reefs of the Great Barrier Cairns Photographer Reef you can take in more of the natural beauty of the region by setting sail on the Reef Magic cruise. This three-hour cruise departs daily from Port Douglas and takes you to Wangetti Beach on the northern side of the island where you can get up close with turtles and other marine life.

With an intimate group size, this is a truly magical and memorable way to experience the Great Barrier Reef. The crew on board are super friendly and helpful too so if you are a beginner with your snorkelling you can always ask them for tips. They also provide a delicious lunch and snorkel gear for you to use too.

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